Hi, my name is Alex Gohorel. I'm a Philadelphia based web developer and designer.

I love making things.

Some of my earliest memories are of doodling in MacPaint on my dad's black and white Macintosh 128k. In the years since I've been involved in all kinds of creative and technical practices - from web development to animation to sound design, art installations to desktop applications. These days I primarily work in front end web development and graphic design, but I bring with me the accumulated experience of a lifetime of making things.

I Build Stuff With: I'm Learning:
Node.js Redux
React React Hooks
Electron Graphql
Gatsby MongoDB

If you are seeking a customized web presence or are an employer looking to hire, please get in touch!



Custom portfolio website for Montreal based musician and new media artist Woulg.

Developed w/ vanilla JS, SASS, p5.js, and postcss.


Online home for my open source audio-visualization project, Aleph.

Developed w/ vanilla JS, SASS, p5.js, and postcss.


Landing page for Glitch with Friends royalty-free sample pack for producers and sound designers.

Developed with HTML and SASS.


Aleph is a desktop application and programming framework for creating and performing live, audio-reactive visuals with modern web technologies. It's core design tenets are: approachability, extensibility, and a commitment to using cross-platform, open source technologies.

Tools Used:

  • Node.js
  • Electron
  • p5.js


Droenbot is a node.js Discord bot that assists with server moderation, fetches data from various APIs, and adds extra functionality to Discord like user profiles and programmable reminders. Oh, and it's got gifs.

Tools Used:

  • Node.js
  • Discord API
  • AWS EC2


Bend is a bespoke photobooth installation made for Anomalia Festival. It runs a custom application written in Processing (Java) which iteratively corrupts the images it takes, displaying them in sequence to the user as their image becomes progressively more corrupted.

Tools Used:

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Processing
  • Bash Scripts

absolute racket

Absolute Racket is an audiovisual synthesizer you can play in a browser. Notes are played on the keyboard while the mouse tweaks parameters that allow for a surprisingly diverse selection of sounds. All sounds are visualized in realtime, giving additional feedback to the user.

Tools Used:

  • p5.js
  • Bootstrap
  • Heroku